I typically like to keep my captions short and succinct for aesthetic purposes.. unfortunately for you this won't be one of those occasions.


Those of you that know me personally know that this past year has been riddled with ups and downs for me. No need to go into detail but I spent the majority of the year trying to get my shxt together and work towards something that I am truly passionate about which is my music, my art, and creation in general. It was always the plan for Say Less & Do More to be a two part project but along the way minds changed, situations changed, directions changed, and this entire second half was almost scrapped completely due to the lack of having that "hit", or "the one undeniable track".  Having perfectionist standards in regard to music and a brother who thinks the same way makes sitting on music for too long a terrible idea, especially when you're always thinking of the next step.  Truth is you never know what will resonate with people and what won't- so the best bet is to put it out let what happens happen. Ultimately I decided that I spent too much time, money, and effort to just let these songs go unheard. And most important of all this shxt sounds good af and what follows will only sound better so stay tuned and thank you for your continued support.


Shouts go out to my Outré family @aypaulay, @SaceBabies, @maddygamwell and the whole #NAWF !!

Shouts to the super saiyan engineer  @spawnofbardock, the sniper @BijanATL, mr EYE C @afropluto, my dawg @richardwilliams and everybody at @stupiddope, The creative design mastermind @thesociter, the crazy talented videographers @highdeas & @micknay, @radioraheem for just being solid, and the best a&r doing it rn @wadeexpensive y'all go stream that DMV to Atlanta 


Big shouts to the guys at Eardrummers @nxtlvlwave, @eardruma_scooly, @djfu and of course the man @mikewillmadeit himself. The law of attraction is a real thing and I know where I want to be come 2018 so I'm letting it be known now #mikewillsignyo


With that being said #DoMore is available on ALL major streaming platforms !!


🏿🖤 #SayLessDoMore #outré #400 #mikewillsignyo

Cambiyo 400